Right Angle Folding Prisms

Optola offers wide range of right angle folding prisms.


Custom design right angle folding prisms are available upon request.


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  •   Total internal reflection prisms.
  •   180° beam deflection.
  •   Our Right Angle Folding Prisms are also available with antireflection  coating on hypotenuse in order to reduce surface loss.
  •   Coating specifications upon request.
  •   Other sizes and coatings are available upon request. 

Example: The legs may be coated with second-surface  aluminum protected by black sealing paint to ensure grazing incidence reflection. These prisms are suitable for optical delay lines and for high power use.

MaterialBK7  or  UV fused silica
Dimension Tolerance+0/-0.25mm
Clear Aperture>central 85% of dimension
Beam Deviation<3′
Surface Quality40/20
Flatnessλ/4 @632.8nm
Chamfers0.25-0.5mm face width (typical) ×45°±15°
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