Broadband Polarization Beamsplitter Cubes

Optola offers wide range of High Quality Broadband Polarization Beam splitter Cubes.


Custom design Beam splitters are available upon request.


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Dimension Tolerance±0.25mm
Surface Quality60/40
Wavefront Distortionλ/4 @ 632.8nm(over the clear aperture)             
Clear Aperture       >central 80% of diameter
Transmitted Beam Deviation   <5′
Reflected Beam Deviation90°±5′
TransmissionTs,p=45±5% ave and 35%≤Ts,p≤55%
ReflectionRs,p=45±5% ave and 35%≤Rs,p≤55%
Polarization|Ts-Tp|≤10% &  |Rs-Rp|≤10%
Antireflection CoatingBroadband multilayer coating : Ravg<0.5% per surface
Chamfers<0.5mm face width ×45° typical
Damage Threshold

100W/cm2, 0.1J/cm2  10nsec pulses typical  

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