1064nm DPSS Passive Q-Switch Laser

Q-switched DPSS laser at 1064nm features high peak power, high repetition rate, and short pulse duration. It’s widely used in laser marking on the diamond, metal, steel, IC, plastics, package, logo, scientific research and etc

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  • Optola offers perfect quality 1064 nm DPSS Passive Q-Switched lasers.
  • Wide range of different Output energy lasers are available.
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(Parameters can be changed by request)

Output pulse energy ( uJ )50 uJ100 uJ150 uJ200 uJ
Pulse duration2 ns5 ns5 ns5 ns
Repetition rateFixed1 kHz1 kHz1 kHz1 kHz
     EXT Trig1 – 10 kHz1 – 10 kHz1 – 10 kHz1 – 10 kHz
Power stability ( % in 4 hours)3%3%3%3%
Transverse modeTEM00TEM00TEM00TEM00
M2 factor1.
Point stability<0.05
Polarization ratio>100:1
Beam diameter at aperture (1/e2)2 mm
Beam divergence ( mrad )<1.5
Noice amplitude ( rms )Optional ( 5% – 1% )
Operating longitudinal modeOptional
Warranty1 year

Custom designed lasers are available upon request.

Laser dimensions depends on laser model.

Package Includes:

  • Laser Head
  • Driver/Power Supply
  • Power Cable
  • Connector
  • Keys, Safety Interlock

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