Nd:YVO4 crystals are usually used in lasers to generate the same wavelength radiation as Nd:YAG ( 1064 nm ). Other important emission wavelengths of this crystal are 914 and 1342 nm. These types of lasers most comonly are pumped with diodes, however they can be lamp pumped too. Compared with Nd:YAG, Nd:YVO4 has a higher pump absorption rate with broader wavelength range for pumping. Nd:YVO4 also has a shorter upper state lifetime which reduces thermal loss effects.


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  • Optola offers various doping concentration from 0.1% to 3%
  • Various size bulk and finished high quality Nd:YVO4 crystals available.
  • Various coating capabilities
  • High damage threshold
Transmitting wavefront distortion≤λ/4 @ 633nm
Clear aperture>90% central area
Flatnessλ/8 @ 633 nm
Scratch/Dig10-5  S-D
Parallelism>10arc seconds
Perpendicularity≤5 arc minutes
Angle tolerance≤0.5°
Doping concentration tolerance:±0.05%(atm%<1%), ±0.1%(atm%≥1%)
chemical formulaNd3+:YVO4
crystal structuretetragonal
mass density4.22 g/cm3
Moh hardness5–6
Young’s modulus133 GPa
tensile strength53 MPa
melting point1810 °C
thermal conductivity≈ 5 W / (m K) 
(values around 9–12 are also found in the literature)
thermal expansion coefficient11 × 10−6 K−1 (c direction), 4.4 × 10−6 K−1 (a direction)
transparency range0.3–2.5 μm
birefringencepositive uniaxial
refractive index at 1064 nm2.17 for c polarization (extraordinary), 
1.96 ordinary index
temperature dependence of refractive index3 × 10−6 K−1 in c direction, 8.5 × 10−6 K−1 in the a direction
Nd density for 1% at. doping1.24 × 1020 cm−3
fluorescence lifetime90 μs
absorption cross section at 808 nm60 × 10−20 cm2 (c polarization)
emission cross section at 1064 nm114 × 10−20 cm2 (c polarization)
gain bandwidth1 nm
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Nd:YVO4 - 15181a-cutAR/AR1064+808 nm4 x 4 x 4290.00
Nd:YVO4 - 15191a-cutAR/AR1064+808 nm4 x 4 x 3280.00
Nd:YVO4 -15202a-cutAR/AR1064+808 nm5 x 5 x 1300.00
Nd:YVO4 - 15212a-cutAR/AR1064+808 nm5 x 5 x 2310.00
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