Neodymium doped yttrium lithium fluoride or Nd:YLF  is a solid state laser material which can be pumped with ARC lamp or laser diodes. Because of its relatively long fluorescence lifetime it can be used in Q-switched systems. One of the main applications of frequency-doubled Nd:YLF pulses is to pump ultrafast Ti:Sapphire chirped-pulse amplifiers.

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  • Various standard Nd:YLF rod sizes are available;
  • Optola offers only polished or AR coated rods;
  • Large rod and slab dimensions with non-standard dopant concentrations can be ordered by request.
Standard Dopant         1.1 ± 0.1%
Wavefront Distortion<λ/4 per inch @633nm
Parallelism<10 ″
Perpendicularity<5 ′
Chamfer0.13± 0.07mm @45°
Surface Quality10/5
End CoatingR<0.15%@1047/1053nm                 
Surface Flatnessλ/8 @632.8nm
Transparency Range180-6700nm
Peak Stimulated Emission Cross Section1.8×10-19/cm2(E∥c) at 1047nm
1.2×10-19/cm2(E⊥c) at 1053nm
Spontaneous Fluorescence Lifetime485 µs for 1% Nd doping
Scatter Losses<0.2%/cm
Peak Absorption Coefficient(for 1.2% Nd)α= 10.8cm-1 (792.0 nm E∥c)
α= 3.59cm-1 (797.0 nm E⊥c)
Laser Wavelength1047nm (∥c,  a-cut crystal)
1053nm(⊥c,  a or c-cut crystal)
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Nd:YLF - 15261.1a-cutuncoated4 x 4 x 10460.00
Nd:YLF - 15281.1a-cutuncoated5 x 5 x 10480.00
Nd:YLF - 15311a-cutuncoated6 x 6 x 20620.00
Nd:YLF - 15352a-cutuncoated5 x 5 x 10480.00
Nd:YLF - 15322a-cutuncoated5 x 5 x 5450.00
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