Lithium Tri-borate or LBO crystal is widely used broad optical transparency nonlinear optical material. Compared with other NLO crystals, such as KDP, LBO has 3 times larger conversion coefficient. It is suitable for  high power SHG applications because of minimal thermal lensing as compared to KTP.


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  • Optola offer wide range of different dimensions LBO crystals.
  • Wide range of sizes are available upon request
  • Dimension tolerance: ±0.1mm
  • Clear aperture: central 90% of the diameter
  • Flatness: less than  λ/8 @ 633nm
  • Transmitting wavefront distortion: less than λ/8 @ 633nm
  • Chamfer: ≤0.2mm x 45°
  • Chip: ≤0.1mm
  • Scratch/Dig: 10/ 5
  • Parallelism: better than 20 arc seconds
  • Perpendicularity: ≤5 arc minutes
  • Angle tolerance: △θ≤0.25°, △φ≤0.25°
  • Damage threshold [GW/cm2]:

       >10 for 1064nm, TEM00, 10ns, 10HZ (polished only)
       >1    for 1064nm, TEM00, 10ns, 10HZ (AR-coated)
       >0.5 for 532nm,   TEM00, 10ns, 10HZ (AR-coated)

Transparency Range160-2600nm
SHG Phase Matchable Range551-2600nm  (Type I)      790-2150nm (Type II)
Therm-optic Coefficient (/℃, λ in μm)dnx/dT=-9.3X10-6
Absorption  Coefficients<0.1%/cm at 1064nm    <0.3%/cm at 532nm
Angle Acceptance6.54mrad·cm    (φ, Type I,1064 SHG)
15.27mrad·cm    (θ, Type II,1064 SHG)
Temperature Acceptance4.7℃·cm   (Type I, 1064 SHG)
7.5℃·cm   (Type II, 1064 SHG)
Spectral Acceptance1.0nm·cm (Type I, 1064 SHG)
1.3nm·cm (Type II, 1064 SHG)
Walk-off Angle0.60°  (Type I  1064 SHG)
0.12°  (Type II  1064 SHG)
NLO Coefficientsdeff(I)=d32cosΦ                         (Type I  in XY plane)
deff(I)=d31cos2θ+d32sin2θ       (Type I  in XZ plane)
deff(II)=d31cosθ                         (Type II in YZ plane)
deff(II)=d31cos2θ+d32sin2θ      (Type II in XZ plane)
Non-vanished NLO susceptibilitiesd31=1.05± 0.09 pm/V 
d32= -0.98± 0.09 pm/V
d33=0.05± 0.006 pm/V
Sellmeier  Equations
(λ in μm)  
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LBO - 15703 x 3 x 1590/11.6AR/AR@1064+532 nm320.00
LBO - 15713 x 3 x 1090/11.6AR/AR@1064+532/355 nm210.00
LBO - 15725 x 5 x 1590/11.6AR/AR@1064+532 nm740.00
LBO - 15735 x 5 x 1090/11.6AR/AR@1064+532/355 nm645.00
LBO - 15743 x 3 x 1590/0AR/AR@1064+532/355 nm320.00
LBO - 15753 x 3 x 1090/0AR/AR@1064+532/355 nm220.00
LBO - 15765 x 5 x 1590/0AR/AR@1064+532/355 nm740.00
LBO -15775 x 5 x 1090/0AR/AR@1064+532/355 nm645.00
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