Cr4+:YAG Crystal is economical and simple solution for Passive Q-switching, it makes laser systems very compact and light.  Cr4+:YAG chemical and mechanical properties make it reliable and durable. Cr4+:YAG can operate over various different temperatures and conditions. Because of its perfect thermal conductivity Cr4+:YAG is suitable for high power laser applications
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  • Optola offers various  diameter Cr4:YAG  crystals.
  • Custom sizes are available upon request
Orientation<111 > cubic
Parallelism30 arcsec.
Flatnessλ/2 at 632 nm
Refractive Index1.82 at 1.064µm
Standard Optical Densities0.40 +/- 10%
0.50 +/- 10%
0.60 +/- 10%
1.00 +/- 10%
Saturation Fluence0.5 J/cm2
Recovery Time8.5 µs
Repetition Rate> 30 Hz
AR coating0.3% per surface
Diameter+/-0.05 mm
Damage Threshold> 500 MW/cm2
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CR4+:YAG - 1552204 x 4100AR1064140.00
CR4+:YAG - 1553304 x 4100AR1064140.00
CR4+:YAG - 1554404 x 4100AR1064140.00
CR4+:YAG - 1555504 x 4100AR1064140.00
CR4+:YAG - 1556604 x 4100AR1064140.00
CR4+:YAG - 1557704 x 4100AR1064140.00
CR4+:YAG - 1558804 x 4100AR1064140.00
CR4+:YAG - 1559904 x 4100AR1064140.00
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