DPSS Continuous Wave

457nm DPSS Continuous Wave Laser

Optola offers wide range of ultra-compact solid state 457nm UV lasers. CW457 series have a long lifetime, perfect quality and they can be easily integrated in every customers system. CW457 models are often used in DNA sequencing, flow cytometry, cell sorting, optical instrument, spectrum analysis, interference, holography and etc.

  • Optola offers perfect quality 457 nm DPSS Continuous Wave Laser.
  • Wide range of different Output power lasers are available.
  • Please contact us for other laser model options.

Custom designed lasers are available upon request.

Note: Laser dimensions depends on laser model.

Package Includes:

  • Laser Head
  • Driver/Power Supply
  • Power Cable
  • Connector
  • Keys, Safety Interlock

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