Glan-Thompson Polarizers

Optola offers high quality Glan-Thompson Polarizers.


Custom designed sizes and coatings are available upon request.


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  •   Large Acceptance Angle: Special design for the ratio of  l/A (length/aperture) guarantees the wide acceptance angle. 
  •   High Polarization Purity.
  •   Suitable for low power applications.
Material Calcite; α-BBO
Wavelength Range Calcite: 350-2300nm

α-BBO: 220-900nm

Extinction Ratio Calcite: <5×10-5

α-BBO: <5×10-6

Surface Quality 60/40
Dimension Tolerance ±0.1mm
Damage Threshold >200MW/cm2
Beam Deviation <3′
Wavefront Distortion <λ/4 @ 632.8nm
Coating Single Layer MgF2
Housing Black Anodized Aluminum
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