Optically Contacted Zero-Order Waveplates

Optola offers wide range of Optically Contacted Zero-Order Waveplates.


Custom design Optically Contacted Zero-Order Waveplates are available upon request.


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Material Crystal Quartz
Diameter Tolerance +0/-0.25mm
Clear Aperture ≥ central 90%  of  diameter
Retardance accuracy <λ/300
Surface Quality 20/10
Wavefront  Distortion λ/10 @ 632.8nm over the clear aperture
Parallelism ≤3″
Coating R<0.25% at design wavelength
Damage Threshold 2MW/cm2,2J/cm2,10ns
248nm 413nm 514.5nm 632.8nm 800nm 1064nm
266nm 441.6nm 532nm 647.1nm 830nm 1300nm
308nm 457.9nm 543.5nm 676.4nm 850nm 1315nm  
351nm 488nm 594nm 694.3nm   905nm 1320nm
354.7nm   510.5nm   611.9nm   780nm 1050nm   1550nm
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