Laser Line Polarization Beamsplitter Cubes

Optola offers wide range of  High quality Laser Line Polarization Beam splitter Cubes.

Custom design Beam splitters are available upon request.


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Material BK7
Dimension Tolerance ±0.25mm
Surface Quality 40/20
Wavefront Distortion λ/4 @ 632.8nm(over the clear aperture)
Clear Aperture >80% central diameter
Transmitted Beam Deviation <5′
Reflected Beam Deviation 90°±5′
Transmission 50±3%,independent of polarization 5°arc min
Reflection 50±3%,independent of polarization
Polarization |Ts-Tp|≤3% &  |Rs-Rp|≤3%
Antireflection Coating Multilayer coating:Ravg<0.5%< span=””>per surface
Chamfers <0.5mm face width ×45° typical
  2KW/cm2, 1J/cm2  10nsec pulses typical
441.6nm   488-514.5nm   532nm   632.8nm   670nm  
780nm 830nm 1064nm 1300nm 1550nm

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