Double Convex Lenses

Optola offers wide range of double convex lenses.


Custom design double convex lenses are available upon request.


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Material BK7 or UV fused silica
Focal Length Tolerance ±1% @589nm
Design Wavelength 589nm
Centration ≤3′
Diameter Tolerance +0/-0.1mm
Clear Aperture >central 90%  of  diameter
Center Thickness  Tolerance ±0.1mm
Edge Thickness 3.0mm,nominal
Surface Quality 20/10(UVFS)/ 40/20(BK7)
Surface Accuracy ≤ 1.5λ power,λ/2 irregularity(UVFS)

≤ 1.5λ power,λ/4 irregularity(BK7)

Chamfers 0-0.8mm face width×45°±15°
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