TGG magneto-optical crystals are used in Faraday devices in the field of 400-1100 nm. TGG has many advantages compared to other MO crystals. It has less optical loss, lower thermally induced beam distortion and twice bigger Verdet constant than a terbium doped glass. These features make TGG more aproppriate to high average power applications than Tb doped glass.


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  • Various sizes crystals are available.
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Orientation [111],±10′
Wavefront Distortion <λ/8
Extinction Ratio >30dB
Diameter Tolerance          +/-0.05mm               
Length Tolerance +/- 0.2mm
Chamfer 0.10mm @ 45°
Flatness <λ/10 at 633nm
Parallelism <30″
Perpendicularity <5′
Surface Quality 10/5
AR coating <0.2%
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