About Optola

Optola started its journey in 2015 as R&D solution maker for photonics market. Since 2017 we supply and manufacture crystals, optics and lasers. 

Althought, we are not the biggest but we work harder.

Our Location

MB Optola is located in capital of Lithuania – Vilnius. City has a long history in photonics, many well known laser orientated companies were established there. Vilnius University is famous for its studies orientated in photonics field too.


Our Products

Optola is a supplier and manufacturer of laser crystals, optics and lasers. Wide range of products orientated for photonics are available. Optola collaborates with universities and science centers to ensure latest technology integration to its company production. Our products are used in laser systems and applications in fields of industry, military, scientific research and aero-space all over the world. Diverse shaping of crystals, lenses, windows and other photonics products are available upon custom request. Optola‘s custom orientated services are available to offer everything necessary for photonics with perfect quality and reasonable price.

Our vision is to become leading company in photonics components supply.

Our mission is to maintain excellent quality and client orientated service.

Our goals are:
  – To set highest standards of customer satisfaction
  – To be the most recommended company in our field